Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico -- Getting Worse?

The reputation Guanajuato has had as being a safe place for kids to walk to school or women walking in pairs going home in the early evening could be in danger of washing down the tubes. Read below and you judge for yourself.

Rescatan a niña de ataque en la Calzada

Por: Yajaira Gasca, Miércoles, 17 de Febrero de 2010

Vecinos auxiliaron a la menor que estaba acorralada en el callejón Luna de Enero por un hombre


Un hombre intentó abusar de una menor de 11 años en el callejón Luna de Enero en subida a la Calzada de Guadalupe. El presunto responsable, huyó luego de que una vecina saliera para auxiliar a la menor, mientras que el hermano de la víctima fue en busca de su padre.


They Rescue a Girl From Attack in la Calzada

By: Yajaira Gasca, Miércoles, 17 de Febrero de 2010

Neighbors helped a minor child that was cornered in the alley street Luna de Enero by a man

A man tried to abuse an 11-year-old girl in the alley street Luna de Enero uphill from Calzada de Guadalupe. The alleged suspect fled after a neighbor left his house to help the minor child. A brother of the girl went to find their father....Source


The point in reporting this event is that Gringolandians think Life in Mexico is so Ivory Tower that you can't read it for the blinding brilliance. Americans here so gullible they fail to see the culture’s defects. Everything, no matter how objectionable, is "a beautiful native custom" and all Mexicans "are a beautiful people"

Mexico is just a country with both good and bad, very bad at times, things that happen in it. Gringo, especially the tourists, come here with the most bizarre expectations thinking it is safe to walk around in the middle of the night and nothing will happen to them. They take risks here they never would even think of doing in the States.



Asaltan a mujeres y menor en Camino Rotario


Dos mujeres de 20 y 22 años de edad fueron asaltadas por un hombre que portaba un pasamontañas y un cuchillo.

A las 9 de la noche de este lunes, dos mujeres caminaban por Camino Rotario, con dirección a la glorieta de Los Mineros.

Pero antes de llegar a la intersección, un hombre salió de unos matorrales cercanos al río que pasa por el lugar y amagó a las mujeres.

Two women aged 20 and 22 years of age were assaulted by a man wearing a balaclava and a knife.

At 9 pm on Monday, two women walking along
Camino Rotario, heading towards the roundabout of the miners.

But before reaching the intersection, a man emerged from some bushes near the river that runs through the site and threaten women. -- Source



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