Saturday, February 27, 2010

Guanajuato, Mex -- A Crime Wave or Not?

I can already tell you that the critical remarks I will get from this post will be from Gringolandians. Though what I have been reporting I have done so from the local Guanajuato newspapers, they will still attack me.
(I have been thinking of starting a new TV series called "When Gringos Attack" after the program in the States called, "When Animals Attack." It's the same psychopathology!)

I would call it a Crime Wave when I read stats in the newspaper like:

1.) " 2008, in Guanajuato were 14 illegal deprivation of liberty, in 2009, the figure rose by 500 percent, committed 70 kidnappings in the state." (Source)

2.) "...
Before the wave of robberies, the Department of Public Safety of the capital, by Alejandro Garcia Arenas, reported that it investigated the possible complicity of two operators of the surveillance cameras installed in that area, because although they got the time of the assault, not pass the report to the Municipal Preventive Police." (Source)

Increase in Robberies


Crimes such as household burglary and vehicle in the capital have doubled over the past year, this surge began from the second half of 2009. Unlike the first six months of that year, the crime rate was increased by 27 percent. (Source)

Now, if "Crime Wave" is too harsh for you try "a dramatic increase in crime" for Guanajuato. The Mexican Resort "Chair Wars" keep Gringolandians crying their eyes out so think
"a dramatic increase in crime" instead of "Crime Wave" if that will keep you from having to increase your Prozac dosage.

When we moved here seven years ago we never heard of this stuff. Not even in Leon. One cop told me there was rumors of the "Mafia" (his words) in Irapuato and Celya, but not in Leon or Guanajuato city.

Speaking of Leon: At 3:40 PM in the afternoon of Friday the 26th of Feb., 2010, a businessman who needed a large amount of cash for his business (two million pesos)
, was robbed when leaving the Banco del Baijo. Guns were used in the robbery. (Source)

I mention this case to make a point. Gringolandians, both tourist and especially Fakepats, will rationalize the crime away like this:

"All the crime in Guanajuato is either petty theft or drug related. If I am not involved in the drug trade, then I have nothing to worry about."

Can you begin to imagine how in this robbery in Leon what would have happened if a tourist had inconveniently been in the robber's way?" Do you think they would have said,

"Ah...a Gringolandian! Please excuse me as I am trying to rob my fellow Mexican. Could you kindly duck while I shoot?"

I mean, give me a break!

Gringolandians are going to eventually get caught in the crossfire of what is NOT a petty theft--Robbery at gun point.

That's all I'm saying.

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