Friday, January 22, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico -- Want to Drive?

Here is an expat speaking from 44 years of experience in Mexico about car traffic accidents:

First of all, I have 44 + years in all 31 Mexican states. Some would say I'm a cynic, but I consider myself practical. I have bribed the Federales, state police and the locals. I know what works and the approach to use. The basic line is: "is it possible to pay the fine directly to you?" In a very ignorant and polite manner, of course. Attitude will lead to much more trouble.

Otherwise, they say "they have to take your drivers license until you appear in court." And usually court is a week or two in the future. If you surrender your license, you will either never see it again...OR the next guy with more power
will demand more money. Never surrender your passport or travel documents. More money and hassle, believe me!

Of course, obey the laws and speed limits. But there are rules of the road that we are not used too. If you (God for-bid) have an accident (with injuries, real or not), you are better off to catch a taxi and leave the car there. You're
responsible for ALL costs! Period. And you'll wait in jail until a long list of victims is paid!

Now here is a Fakepats who hasn't a clue what he is talking about regarding traffic accidents in Mexico:

That bit about traffic accidents is simply NOT TRUE. I live in near PV and know a few people here who have been hit including by a bus and they were not jailed, were not reponsible for anything not their fault and suffered no outrageous consequences. So quit the fear mongering and stick to the truth please!

What I have been writing about, how Gringolandia, the Gringo Disneyland, is an illusion and no one better burst their bubble is expressed in that last quote.

So psychologically ingrained is the illusion that they resort to calling someone a name, "Fear Mongerer" rather than have their magical thinking challenged.

This is how the Gringolandians respond in an argument: They call you names.

What is the truth? Do Gringos catch all manner of hell when in a car accident? Do the police take the Gringo for all they can?

No matter what I say, there will be the name callers who rise up and try protecting their illusions, their bubbles, and will call me names for it.

No one has the right to an opinion unless they are fluent enough in Spanish to be able to ask the locals about how the police act. Not even the locals, the Mexican nationals, will call the police for almost anything. The police do not have the reputation of Protecting and Serving. When locals have car accidents, they settle it among themselves. They do not call what they have traditionally feared: the police, when there's an accident.

But, the gringo? They call the police because they think Mexico is just like America. That's what you do in America when you wreck the car.

The first account I quoted from an online forum is exactly what takes place when Gringo get in car wrecks.

Want more proof?
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