Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guanajuato, Mexico - The Most Hated Gringo in the World #34

As I wrote last time, it has to confuse the hell out of any thinking person how their fellow Gringos can think such screwy thoughts when it comes to Mexico. Whether as a tourist or a Fakepat, the Gringo typically will come here thinking all of Mexico is like the resort towns that do appeal to the American.

Guanajuato is NOT one of those towns.

Traditionally, Guanajuato has been a Mexican vacation spot. There are no Disneylands, no cruise ship scheduled activities, no Hollywood celebrities playing musical instruments to entertain the American. Only history to study, to absorb, to take back to America to tell your friends about.

Oh, wait! If you ARE looking for that ,check out San Miguel de Allende.

Some poor lady is coming to Guanajuato in a wheelchair. She wants to find a hotel on one level.

This is almost too sad the contemplate.

Guanajuato has not caught up with American when it comes to serving the handicapped. Not only are there precious few handicapped accessible sidewalks, the wheelchair ramp, the sidewalks are barely accessible for non-handicapped people to walk on. In some areas of the city, the sidewalks are so narrow that two people cannot pass each other at the same time. Someone has to step out into the street to do so.

I have a medical disability. Though I am ambulatory, there are times when it is all I can do to walk up the street to our house. If I am trying to navigate stairs, which exist in abundance here, it takes me twice to three times longer than someone with no such handicap.

On a rare good day, I can walk the distance of the town with lots of rest stops. Someone with a walker just couldn't do it.

Gringos do not like their bubbles burst with the truth, thus the title of this blog. But it is true. Mexico is not American. Not all of the Republic is like the American resorts on the west and east coasts.

It just isn't.



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