Monday, December 14, 2009

Guanajuato, Mexico -- The Ignoramus Gang

If you follow my blogging, articles, and books, you know that I put a fanatical emphasis on learning Spanish if you plan on moving to Mexico. And yet, the hordes are swarming into Guanajuato like a plague of locusts and those bugs are not learning Spanish.

The newest place in Guanajuato you can go to watch how the locusts, oops...I mean the Gringos...interact among themselves and with the Mexicans is the Mega Superstore in our gaudy shopping mall.

I truly cannot wrap my mind around the plain fact that the Gringos moving to Guanajuato and are doing the identical same thing they did to San Miguel de Allene all those many years ago in that they are moving here linguistically challenged, handicapped, ignorant, or whatever.

A Short Yet Pregnant Pause in the Prose:

Look folks: It isn't that hard to learn how to Speak Spanish. I constant have thrown in my face that "I am too old to learn another memory is not as good as it use to be..."

That is not the argument at all. Try acquiring Spanish instead of learning it and you will do just fine.

Back to the regularly scheduled prose:

Today in the Mega Superstore I saw a group of American southerners. I knew they weren't tourists since they were buying a slew of groceries and about a million pounds of dog food.

My wife and I got to the check out stands just in time to hear the group of hayseeds trying to buy their bounty with American Dollars. It sounded like this:

"Yo know can paga cone dolores."

This woman, who looked like a K-Mart bottle blond, was screaming this at the top her lungs at this nicely dressed and intelligently looking young Mexican woman cashier while what I assumed was the mother of this screaming mimi, only she was a K-Mart bottled red-head and looked to be chewing her cud while watching and made gurgling sounds.

The more the Mexican shrugged her shoulders and said something in Spanish which I am sure was, "¡Mire!, estupida Gabacha, esto es mexico y aqui hablamos espaƱol in este pais." --the louder the blond screeched.

When we left the store, the southern guy and gals were still trying to force the store to accept their American dollars.


By the way, what the K-Mart blond might have been trying to say was something like, "I know I can pay with dollars."

However, what she said was something like, "I know can payment cone (as in ice cream cone) pain/sorrows!"

Why they can't get it into their heads that this is Mexico where the peso is the currency and Spanish is the language I cannot begin to say.

What I can say, is that they do the very same thing in San Miguel de Allende.

I once saw this guy park his car in a paid lot and tried to pay for his car parking fee with a hundred dollar bill.

Do I need to say more?




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Shouldn't I Study Grammar?

Recent research has shown that rote memorization of the rules of grammar is far less important than previously thought. Few people can read about subjects like the imperfect tense or the subjunctive mood, and have the ability to recognize or use it instinctively. We don't dismiss the importance of learning grammar, but research trials have shown that students who drastically shift learning time from studying with traditional methods to multi-modal immersion, actually outperform their peers in their ability to understand and use complex grammatical forms. In short, learning about a language is not the same as learning a language. -- SOURCE

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