Monday, November 23, 2009

Guanajuato, Mexico - Health Care

One of the reasons my wife and I sold everything we owned in the States and moved to Mexico was Health Care. You might even say that it was the primary reason.

We began seeing the handwriting on the wall, so to speak, long before such atrocities as “concierge” services or health care (Read of this insanity here.), came into being. Though not predicting “concierge” services or health care specifically, we knew something had to be coming down the pike and it would not be for the benefit of the patients but that of the doctors.

If after reading this article which appears on MSNBC, tell me if the whole thing sounds like a BRIBE?

If the articles aren't enough to convince you, follow your doctor home (in a NON-stalker kind of way, of course) and see what kind of house they live in, what make of car, and how many, they drive to park in their three-car garages. Also, check out where they send their kids to school, where they buy their kid's designer clothes, where they all go out to eat. How many on staff at their houses to clean them?

In other words, is this “concierge” services or health care just an attempt to keep the standard of haughty living to which they doctors have grown accustom?

I once heard one of American TV's medical guru tell another doctor she was interviewing that the public needs to "respect" the medical education these doctor have and do as they say without reservation.

The gall.

Anyway, the medical scene in Mexico you will find quite different. No “concierge” services or health care, will hit you in the face by your doctors. The prices are still very reasonable. We pay less than two dollars and fifty cents to see a general practitioner and less than fifty bucks to see a specialists.

Mexican doctors will spend as much time as needed with you. And, they don't charge you a “concierge” service fee to have their cell phone numbers either.

Doctors in the States will end up cutting their own throats for their avarice.

That is my next prediction!

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