Thursday, July 2, 2009

In GTO and In My Right Mind?

Ok, so I was in a bit of a temper when I wrote my last blog entry. I didn't really mean (or did I?) that all of Mexico is a Third World Country. In some ways it is very much a developing country but I would be hard pressed to say just how so, so don't ask.

The water is back on, the Internet people, after four months and thousands of complaints, finally showed up and fixed my online connection, and here I am writing once again of my unfailing love of living in Mexico.

I was talking to my dentist's wife (they are right across the callejon from us) about our water and internet woes and her response was to shrug her shoulders and say, "This is Mexico. What do you expect?" -- From the mouth of a Mexicana, I hope you take note.

We were in the Mega Super Store the other day. The roof was leaking from the rain. I might add that this has been happening, the rain leaks, from the very first rainy season this relatively new store found itself encountering. I want to also make the observation that these roof leaks seem to the very same ones from two years ago. I know this because you can see the round outline of the plastic garbage cans they put under the leaks the first time. Mexican craftsmanship, what can I say?

And, if you are wondering why they haven't fixed the very same "old" roof leaks that began two years ago, all I can do is echo the words of our Mexican neighbor, "This is Mexico. What do you expect?"

We are in the process of trying to cut costs here in Guanajuato. The prices for Gringos are rising at an unstoppable rate. Though there exists a worldwide financial crisis, Guanajuato vendors of everything from donuts to renting or buying a place to live, don't seem to think this applies to the Gabacho.

I don't what it is, exactly. I don't know if it is the unsophistication of this area of Provincial Mexico in which the locals think "Untold Riches Abounding" when they see the Gringo walking down the street or what?

Whatever it is, prices for a rental are insane!

Just the other day I read two descriptions of relatively small houses in GTO that were renting for $750 - $1,250 a month -- and that was in dollars and NOT pesos.

Gringos will pay it so why not? The thing is that it makes it virtually impossible for the rest of us to live.

There are places in central Mexico where three to four bedroom houses, unfurnished, rent for $70.00 dollars a month. I have no intention of telling you where that is because I wouldn't want to wish a San Miguelian Invasion on these towns. And besides, you would have to be fairly fluent in Spanish to live in these towns and we all know that for the majority of Gringos that is never going to happen.

Anyway, I feel a soapbox session coming on me so I'd best go!


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