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A Walk Through Mexico's Crown Jewel Review

Guanajuato Understood!, June 11, 2009


S. Faulkner "ESLTeacher" (North Carolina, USA) -

If you have travel plans to Guanajuato, Mexico, are considering a visit to Guanajuato, or only dream of going there, this book is a must read. We recently completed a two week visit to Querétaro, Bernal, San Miguel de Allende, and Tlaquepaque/Guadalajara. Without a doubt, Guanajuato, while knock down gorgeous, was also the most intriguing stay on our trip. However, the city is, in my opinion, the most incredibly perplexing, confusing, and often frustrating destinations in all of Mexico. To make "sense" of Guanajuato, Mr. Bower's book is more than very handy; it is essential.

Before our visit, I read Mr. Bower's book twice. It's not that his writing is difficult to follow; in fact, his descriptions and organization are very straight forward. On the first read, I was so caught up with his wonderful, colorful descriptions and fall down laughing sense of humor, I failed to get my bearings for Guanajuato. On the second read, I concentrated on his very descriptive walking tour of the thirty something plazas/plazuelas of Guanajuato. (Guanajuato was not named a UNESCO World Heritage site by accident). By the way, Guanajuato has no "city block system". It is built on a dry river bed and creeps up the hills that surround it.

I'm now on my third read of Mr. Bower's book, comparing his vivid descriptions to the over 150 photos I shot in our four days in Guanajuato. Mr. Bower truly makes Guanajuato come alive!

Mr. Bower is an excellent, knowledgeable, and prolific author. I also highly recommend his other books about living and working in Mexico.

Finally, if you plan to visit Guanajuato, don't be part of the "deer in the headlights" crowd that "hang out " in the Jardín Unión. They are so confused about the city that they never venture far from this tourist spot. We saw many during our visit there. It was part very funny and, at the same time, kind of sad. Mr. Bower's book will give you step by step instructions to discover the true beauty and intrigue of Guanajuato.



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