Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Most Hated Gringo in the World -- 31

I haven't commented on my Hated Gringo Status lately and thought I was due to come up with something and here it is: A couple or three years ago I wrote on the issue of Mexicans not being the angelic supermen that Gringos tend to make them out to be. Remember this quote:

"The people of Mexico routinely treat strangers with warmth and curiosity. The people here seem to have the ability to enjoy life, be more hospitable, more respectful of their fellow man."

To the contrary, I suggested in an article that Mexicans, not all without exception, can be very xenophobic and this was perhaps due to their provincialism. Today, six years living in Mexico full time, I think this really applies to the mega-provincial areas such as Guanajuato.

Regardless, for my effort in offering a different Expat viewpoint, I was called a racist and, of course, threatened with all manner of bodily harm.

So, for your perusal I offer the following article by a journalist who deals with the same subject:

Tone down the xenophobia


"U.S. citizens who do not speak a word of Spanish recognize "mi casa es tu casO as a Mexican expression that denotes warmth, hospitality and openness. But in many ways, Mexico is a country that has a difficult time accepting people..." CLICK HERE for the entire article.

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