Friday, January 30, 2009

Thieves target Mexico airport, shoot Frenchman

MARK STEVENSON, an Associated Press Writer, is quoted in InYork Website:

MEXICO CITY—Thieves apparently targeting people who exchange money at Mexico City's international airport shot a French citizen in the head on Tuesday, and authorities warned that gangs have put lookouts at exchange windows in the terminal.

Read the entire story here.

This is just one of many stories that is reported in the press. There are more stories I've heard from those who have personally experienced them.

A local Gringo business owner told me of his friend who went to Mexico City and who tried to use the subway system. A gang, armed to the teeth, confronted him. He forked over the money with no resistance and for his cooperation was promptly shot in the face.

And, get this, I get hate mail from readers when I write how dangerous it is to fly into Mexico City or even visit it.

Can you explain that?

Can you begin to explain why someone reading my book, THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT LIVING IN MEXICO, would, based the chapter on crime, offer such vitriol when I mentioned the dangers of even visiting Mexico City?

I wrote that chapter in 2004 and if anything, the crime is even worse!

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