Friday, January 9, 2009

"That's where they got the gringo."

I thought of posting this as a "Most Hated Gringo" segment but since it was found in the news media perhaps the Gringolandians will hate them and only hate me in a smaller sense for posting it.

In eateries, abduction a la carte


The New York Times

SALTILLO, Coah. - Until recently, before a customer was abducted outside its front door, La Mesón Principal del Norte was known simply as a great place to get meat, usually roasted on a spit in northern style.

But ask a hotel concierge in this industrial city about La Mesón these days and the gastronomy may not come up first. "Be careful," one whispered conspiratorially last month. "That's where they got the gringo." ... Click Here To Read Entire Article

And, before you send me mail on how "Only Those Involved in the Drug Trade" are victims of violent crime, have your read about the Canadians who were shot in a bar? They were enjoying themselves in a bar with no involvement in the drug trade.


What bad timing to bring my tourist targeted book out when the crime in Mexico is now affecting even Gringos.

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