Monday, January 5, 2009

The Most Hated Gringo in the World – 29

I just got a message from a very nice lady who is a liberal and who reads this blog. She made a some really good points that were a counter-argument, of sorts, about my raging and ravaging liberal comment in The Most Hated Gringo in the World – 28...

I should have made the distinction, but didn't, and am now, that not all liberals without exception are loony. I do not believe that they are and I should have said so. In the areas of environment, animal rights, you could see me in the woods hugging trees with the best of them. I think whales and dolphins are sentient and that it is murder to kill them. So, there you go. I am a closet liberal-conservative hybrid.

However, I have to stick to my position about the Gringolandians in Mexico.

Once, one of my liberal pals (non raging and ravaging,) asked me just why the Gringos in GTO and SMA want to see me die before my time.

And, I have the posts from the death-wishers in case I ever get the ganas to post them on this blog.

My pal went on to say that he had read most of my work and wanted to know what in my writing so enraged them to the point of making death threats.

I just had to shake my head and tell him: "It beats me!"

Read my article in my online article directory and tell me which articles is worth killing me over.

I have not then nor now ever been able to come up with a reasonable answer why they would want to see me dead over my castigating them over the fact the vast majority of the GRINGOLANDIANS don't, and should, learn Spanish.

You tell me!

In the meantime, check out my newest book, A WALK THROUGH MEXICO'S CROWN JEWEL, and the free offer I am making!

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