Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Edition of The Most Hated Gringo in the Entire World

Those who move to Mexico based on a Concept do so based on something like this:

Yes, you can have “paradise for less” Just LOOK: Say goodbye to cold, gray, dreary weather -- even in the winter. Live in a spacious, modern home overlooking a sun-drenched tropical beach. Swim in crystal-clear water that stays warm all year 'round. Leave the stress behind, and enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. Walk on powdery, white sandy beaches with palm trees swaying in the breeze. All while enjoying the conveniences of modern life: Like Dairy Queen, Walmart,Sam's, Internet service, fine restaurants, concerts, museums, and more... oh, so much more!

The people of Mexico routinely treat strangers with warmth and curiosity. The people here seem to have the ability to enjoy life, be more hospitable, more respectful of their fellow man.

Apparently, someone forgot to inform this Pollyanna that there's a bit more to her illusion of what Mexico is as a Reality!

"[There are] laws in various states that consider the infidelity of the woman to be] a mitigating factor in homicide [cases] and mete out punishments less severe than for cattle theft, where the [rape] of a single woman isn´t punishable if the person who commits it agrees to marry the woman, and where statutory rape is not sanctioned if the minor agreed to have sexual relations with an adult," CNDH ombudsman José Luis Soberanes said in a statement." THE NEWS

And, there's even more:

Police in towns around the country still encourage women to reconcile with their abusive partners, or simply won´t respond to domestic violence complaints until a woman is left seriously injured, rights organizations say. In addition, the murder of hundreds of women in the northern city of Juárez and growing murder cases in the State of Mexico have gone largely unresolved, the groups argue. THE NEWS

So, perhaps you can see why I write what I do about the uninformed Gringo who moves to Mexico thinking this is a Nirvana and that a Paradise Island Welcoming Party is waiting with open arms.

Mexico is neither a Paradise nor a Nirvana.

And yet, the Gringos keep coming.


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