Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paradise Lost?

For most of the average Gringos living in Mexico, the news comes a bit too late. That's what happens when you are monolingual.

When bilingual, you can not only read and listen to the news, you can ask everyone you encounter what they think of current events.

A current event weighing heavily on the minds of the Mexicans in Guanajuato is what happened in Morelia, Michocan during the country's Independence Day celebration.

"The 2008 Morelia bombings took place on 15 September 2008 on the occasion of the independence day anniversary when thousands of people were reunited in the Plaza Melchor Ocampo, the main square of the Mexican city of Morelia, Michoacán. Shortly after the Grito in that city, led by Governor Leonel Godoy, two blasts were reported, killing at least 8 people and injuring more than 100." - Wikipedia

The whole shebang is being seen as either the La Familia Cartel trying to make The Zeta Cartel look bad or the other way around. The competition for making Michocan the La Familia or The Zeta's staging area for their drug smuggling is fiercely deadly.

Now, they attack civilians to get across their terrorist agenda.

An anonymous observer sent me this:

"The news, by the way, is terrible. Apparently, the attack in Morelia, & the gun battle in Leon are linked, same people, and reveal that the whole thing was masterminded in Guanajuato, by La Familia. It also appears that inside the one of the police corporations, there is collaboration with one of the cartels to put the heat on the rival, causing the manipulation of evidence and some kind of obscure, muddy cover-up smell pervades the whole thing. Keep your head down. And add this to your vocabulary: "!Pecho al suelo!" - !HIT THE GROUND!"

The sad thing is when you talk with Gringos they have absolutely no clue any of this has taken place. Most Gringos stay out of the local loop living in their bubbled, scripted existences. The Mexicans here can be equally sad. They say outright that "it can never happen here." Well...it is happening here. The two hour car chase and the hail of gun fire happened on Guanajuato soil.

We are also hearing of the good people of Michoacan, Gringos and Mexicans, being threated to fork over "Protection Money" -- It is a "do it or else" kind of threat.

Analysts have been saying for some time now that Mexico is on the verge of becoming the next Colombia. Some are saying it has already happened.


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