Saturday, September 20, 2008

FREE Chapter #4

Notes From South of the Border

My Thoughts, My Opinions, My Editorializing on My Life in Central Mexico

Peaceful Quality of Life

The appeal of México is immediate. Whether it is the long, warm sandy beaches of Puerto Vallarta with its marvelous nightlife and eco-jungle tours, or whether it's the mountain life of México's highlands with stable year-round temperatures and provincial conservatism, México is an appealing place. More than one or two couples have come for a vacation and have ended up buying property on an impulse. This happens more than you would think.

When we came for a Spanish study vacation one of the many things that caught our immediate attention was the lack of tension in the environment. You know exactly what I mean if you are an American. There was not the wild-eyed sense of stress that seems these days to dominate America. We didn't see the same stresses causing the prevailing rage that causes such havoc on American streets.

Do not misunderstand me here. I've written of this in past books and articles and get such rancor filled e-mails from my fellow Americans who think that I consumed with bitterness against America. I am not. I am neither bitter nor angry. One of the reasons why I am not either of those things is because I live in a country in which these negative and life-wasting emotions are replaced by a different worldview and it is, thank God, contagious.

Whatever the cause, let's face it: There is an attitude of rage in America that dominates our lives. You cannot go the supermarket, the mall, or drive down the street without seeing it or being a victim or perpetrator of it. My purpose mentioning this is not to harangue about the faults of America. I've left the United States and no longer living there have, in a real sense, forfeited the right to complain and gripe about the country of my birth. All I am doing is making an observation. I am saying that one of the most attractive things about where we live, in the center of México, is the lack of public rage that once made us too terrified to leave the confines of our home in America...Click Here to Read More

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