Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Most Hated Gringo in the World Report – 17

To My Dear Adoring Fans:

To those of you familiar with my writing please read this and then tell me if I wrote it or not:

It’s no wonder the Mexicans don’t respect us...

I love living here in Mexico and it’s been a great experience. My experience has broadened my perspectives. There’s nothing like living in a foreign country to make you feel more like an American.

There are Americans here who fit the stereotype of the "Ugly American" – they want everybody in Mexico to conform to their expectations. At the other extreme, there are Americans here who are so gullible they fail to see the culture’s defects. Everything, no matter how objectionable, is "a beautiful native custom" and all Mexicans "are a beautiful people".

Mexico is a very different country from the United States, with different roots and different traditions. I don’t think that Mexicans need to copy everything in the United States in order to improve their country, because I don’t think everything American is going to function in Mexico (nor vice-versa).

No...I didn't write it. It does express, however, the heart of what I've been writing all these years.

So you see, there are other expats with the same opinions as I have.

Check out Allan Wall

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