Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Most Hated Gringo in the World Report – 13

Perhaps I was before my time, as they say, when I began writing about American Expat's Cultural Imperialism in Mexico. You would think from the histrionics in the Gringolandians (note I do not say Expat Community) who have emailed me death threats for my views, that I was the only one on the face of the planet who had made the observations I've recorded online and in print about the Gringolandians.

Well, things have changed.

In spite of all that work I've done to earn my title as The Most Hated Gringo in the World, I now have competition. As I've written before, it is not that I actually did anything to earn this title. I am unworthy. All I've ever done is make observations and decided to tell The Plain Truth About Living in Mexico.

Now I have competition.

A gentleman wrote in an online forum regarding Expatriation to Mexico issues:

"I met a woman in San Miguel once who said she'd lived in Mexico for 37 years and never had to speak a word of Spanish. When my partner, David, told her he was taking Spanish lessons so he could maybe get to know some Mexicans, she replied, 'Oh, my dear, they are really not that interesting.' How she knew that, I do not know."

This was one in many quotes in a post in which this man told of his experiences growing up in an international context and what he has been observing in the Gringolandians in Mexico. He goes on to say:

"I know many wealthy Mexicans who, alas, seem bent on living the same empty and meaningless sorts of lives people in the US think are normal--isolated from their neighbors, their families, their people, the real world. I do not think this is the way for a sane person to live, but that is just me."

Though I've made the same observations for years now, I get the hate screed telling me I am the most despised Gringo ever to come to Mexico.

I wonder if this guy gets threats for making these comments?

This astute fellow ends his forum communiqué with this:

"But, in my earlier letter I was referring to middle-class gringos who come here and suddenly think they are upper class. I find they usually do not like the Mexicans or Mexico and constantly complain about this or that inanity and inconvenience. I have been known to complain about the lack of, say, razor sharp cheddar cheese or rye bread, but even those little luxuries are becoming more and more available. I find myself deliriously happy here. I feel Mexico is my home, and I love it."

An interesting thing to note is that in all of my writings not once did I ever say I "hated" living in Mexico. And yet, the extent of the collective reasoning ability of the responses I've received from my "Want-To-See-Me-Die" fans is:

"If you hate it so much here why don't you leave?"

These are people, mind you, who will live out the rest of their miserable existences on this earth in linguistic and cultural isolation, never knowing the true Mexico, and yet they think I hate this wonderful country?

(What I have expressed is a preference for a different region of Mexico where the expression of Mexican culture is so different it causes the locals to express dismay, to the point of being disparaging, about Central and Southern Mexico.)

Do not miss the point.

These Gringolandians show the utmost disrespect to Mexico and the Mexicans by never learning the language. They are never able to cross the cultural threshold of life in this country and yet they accuse me (who has made and continues to make the effort to learn Spanish and the Mexican culture) of hating Mexico.

Americans are so blind to their own cultural heterogeneousness they cannot see that Mexico is no more culturally homogeneous than America. And yet, I am told by almost every Mexican who has contact in any sort of business sense with Gringolandians that they believe Americans expect Mexico to be the same no matter what city and state one happens to visit in the vast diversity of Mexico.

I had this discussion with a Mexican who has a tour business. He picks up Americans at the border and drives them in a van to Guanajuato. He has conducted this business for years. His overwhelming responses to my interview questions was the repetition of how Americans expect all areas of Mexico to be the same and that sameness should be like America.

But, who am I to say?

I am the most ignorant Expat ever to take a step over the border (my subtitle) and don't forget:

The Most Hated Gringo In All of Mexico!

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