Monday, July 14, 2008

The Most Hated Gringo in the World Report - 4

Let me just say from the beginning that 99% of the Gringolandians who have infected the Mexican Republic will absolutely call me a liar, some to my face, for what I am about to report. What these SUV, gas guzzling, environment destroying Gringos, who have rarely if ever walked the streets of Guanajuato will say as the bases for calling me a liar is that since they've never experienced such and such therefore it could not have happened to me.

It's American logic at its best.

Anyway…we walked downtown and on the way back encountered an expat we actually like whose Spanish is too poor to have a conversation, so we spoke English. My wife, who lost her brother-in-law to cancer yesterday, wanted to share her grief. While talking on the small and narrow sidewalk, an old Mexican woman comes by and attacks our friend and me. She pulled her elbow back like she was doing a Jackie-Chan Kung Fu move and elbowed both our 63-year-old friend and me into the wall. She could have just as easily elbowed us into the street with buses bearing down on us.

Then, to make sure we knew this was no accident, she screeches, "Gringos" with such seething, spitting rage that there was no doubt as to this babosa's intent.

I tried to come up with my practiced, "Cual es su pedo!" but was left speechless.

(If you want to know what that means, ask a Mexican.)

Anyway, the woman, who is one among many who have this seething hatred for Gringos in this town and it is, according to a well-educated Mexican woman with whom we are friends, growing and growing.

It is an anti-American sentiment that, trust me when I tell you, the vast majority of Americans who live so contentedly in their little Gringolandia Bubbles will deny it ever takes place.

I used to get shoved into the path of buses getting "clipped" twice in the shoulder, once in the right leg, and had a beer-truck hit me while backing up. My wife was thrown into the street by a green-sweater clad hussy who didn't even stop to pick her up from the street. Thank God no cars were coming.

Guanajuato is not a "Gringo-Friendly" town.

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