Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Most Hated Gringo in the World Report – 9

SUSTAINABLE EXPATRIATISMI never seem to run out of things to say to keep up my reputation as The Most Hated Gringo in the Whole World. All I have to do is go out into the community and eventually I see one of my admiring fans in a store, walking down the street, or just sitting in the park glaring at me.

About three years ago, I sent a review copy of my unpublished book, GUANANUATO, MEXICO, to a lady who had bought and read our first book, THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT LIVING IN MEXICO. She agreed to write a review of the new, but yet-to-be-published manuscript. She loved it to the point where she wanted to follow our advice and come to Guanajuato to study Spanish. She also wanted to get together with us to get to know us once she arrived in town.

We arranged a time and place. Our new reader-friend showed up walking with this lady (Gringolandian) who I just saw today in the grocery store. This lady, with whom our reader was walking, has never met us or even spoken to us. We don't even know her name. Yet, she obviously knows us because when she found this woman was planning to meet us, she warned the woman not to talk us, as we were monsters.

The reader friend told us of the warning at the end of our time together drinking coffee and eating cake in a local restaurant. She actually said she was glad to meet us and that we weren't the monsters the other expats told her we were.

Now, if you want to read what has caused us to be vilified, go to this link and read what we've written. As a result of all this prose, we are made out to be monsters. That was the very word used by the white, stringy-haired, skinny old woman whom I watched gliding like a ghost through the supermarket today. Seeing her brought back this memory. She's never talked to us but tells people that we are monsters.

A little background that our reader-friend told us:

She was enrolled in a Spanish school that had some rental deals going with the ringleader of THE MOST HATED GRINGO IN THE WHOLE WORLD campaign. The GOMER owned a slew of properties that he rented to the students who attended this school and who wanted a private living accommodation.

Our new reader-friend was renting from him. He is the person I'm pretty sure sent me the death threats. He also told our new friend not to talk to us.

It turned out that this GOMER so hated us because he had nothing but a monetary motive for doing so. He felt, or should I say deluded himself, that our writing would discourage people from visiting or living in Guanajuato and renting his properties. A sideline business he was (and in which he might still be involved) conducting involved making false documentations such as Visas and License Plates for the Gringos here in town.

Now, isn't that special? Here he was leading the band on how to kill me (literally speaking, if you must know). He actually sent me the following:

"Die, Hitler…you should die…"

I have that email of his, linked to his IP address, for public consumption and have toyed with the idea of putting it online. "How's that, Mr. Bill?"

Anyway, there's never a dull moment when I gather my courage, try to recall my combat training, and venture out in the public of Guanajuato where I am THE MOST HATED GRINGO IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!

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