Sunday, July 13, 2008

Living in Mexico - Don't Mess with Mexican Women

I was standing outside the walk-in-closet-sized store where my wife loves to shop. It is also the neighborhood gossip center. Need I say more about why women love the place? I was helping to hold up a wall with my gringo bulk when I noticed something across the street. A Mexican woman was reading this man the riot act. I could tell from what conversation I could understand in their rapid-fire Spanish that they were lovers. I could also tell that what was happening was the public display of a very closely guarded secret: Women Run Mexico!

I had no clue what this Mexican Donnybrook was about and didn't want to know. What I could see was an extremely smart Mexican man taking his chewing out bravely and, might I add, most intelligently. He shook his head in affirmation and frequently interjected, "Yes, my love," and "Yes, my heart." There was no arguing. He listened.

The man was a muscular hulk. He looked like he could bench press a pickup truck. I was sure bullets could not only bounce off his chest but, if he wanted to, he could have leaped tall buildings with a single bound, bent steel with his bare hands, changed the course of mighty rivers, and so on. You get what I mean. But, he kept his mouth shut.

The reason for this is: You Don't Mess With Mexican Women.

Never, ever, not in a million years, do you talk back, contradict, or challenge a Mexican Woman. She will not only chew you up and spit you out again, but she might also rip your arms off and beat you with the blood stubs. Why this is so is probably because women have to run things because men, as is universally true, screw things up so badly that the women have to fix their screw-ups.

I know this from personal experience (Thank God for my wife).

If anything runs smoothly in Mexico, if anything turns out right, if anything at all has any appeal whatsoever, it is because Mexican women made it happen.

It is not that Mexican men are useless. It is that they are on this earth to do what is their destiny: Not to Mess With Mexican Women!


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